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Friends of the Station

These are the people (and musical groups) who have helped keep Dixieland Gumbo on the air with their generosity.


Jun Adachi
Norma & Dick Brewster
Alan Boomer
Jack Convery
JJ & Gerry Cox
Michael Fallon
Jack Lord
Michael Millward
Mike Mooney
Flip Oakes
Mart Rodger
Charles Shaffer
Margaret Squires
Ruben Steins
Bob Walton


Barbone Street Jazz Band
Bill Allred's Classic Jazz Band
Blue Street
Bourbon Street Brass
Calamity Jazz
Catsnjammer Jazz Band
Cell Block Seven
Creole Bells Jazz Band
(From Melbourne, Australia)
Creole Dixieland Jazz Band
(Now the New Creole Jazz Band)
Creole Jazz Kings
Dixieland Rhythm Kings
The Jazz Cookers
Kaye Wade & the Riverboat Ramblers
Lighthouse Jazz band
Mart Rodger Manchester Jazz
Melissa Collard
Molly Ryan
Natural Gas Jazz Band
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra
Salt Lake Good Time Jazz Band
Southern Jazz
South Market St. Jazz Band
Vince Giordano & the Nighthawks
Wooden Nickel Jass Band