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A Brief Biography

First off, Snargi is the screen name I use most often. My real name is Dave Livingston. I live in the Central Valley region of California.

I am in my mid-30s and I play trumpet professionally in several area big bands, concert bands and at least one Portuguese marching band. (I'm not Portuguese, FYI. I just like to play.)

My interest in Dixieland music came about with my hanging around my good friend, Margaret Squires. She introduced me to the music and through my going to many jazz festivals with her, I have become acquainted with many dear people who play this kind of music. As I become more involved with traditional jazz I hope to be in a band some time soon.

I discovered Live365.com several years ago when it was still free. I soon had a big band radio station featuring people like Maynard Ferguson, Buddy Rich, Louis Bellson, Matt Catingub and many more. As I became more interested in Trad Jazz I was disheartened to learn it was near impossible to hear Dixieland on the radio. That is when I changed my station over to OKOM. I hope my efforts will bring new interest to the music of Dixieland.

Thanks for listening,
Sincerely yours,

Dave Livingston